Certified Halal Products
Certified Halal Products

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Everything is absolutely DELICIOUS. I would recommend going here.
Nov 7, 2015
Great food, great ownership. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Sep 23, 2015
I love their pho, especially the chicken broth. Nobody else's comes close! They have friendly, personal service and f...
Aug 15, 2015
Best pho in Orange County. Owner's are really nice people.
Jan 7, 2015
Food was delicious and excellent customer service!
Dec 13, 2014

United States
            A true GEM to have such a nice & clean Vietnamese Halal restaurant in the area. I am a Vietnamese-Muslim and barely get to experience the abundance of Vietnamese foods in Little Saigon. I was so pleased to see that there was a Viet halal restaurant while browsing Zabiha for the first few times I came on here. Food is great, service is very nice, the establishment is very very clean & bright, and most importantly its halal! I would highly reccommend anyone to try their Spring Rolls. If you haven't then you must! An order only comes with 2 rolls and its for about $2.95. Don't try to share it either because I can guarantee you that you'll end up wanting more! Really wish there were more Vietnamese,Korean,Thai, etc Halal restaurants out there but being that this is the only first ever Vietnamese halal restaurant I've known of, I will definitely drive the 10 miles here. Wonderful place overall!

United States
               My friends and I ordered their spring rolls, Pho with brisket, and vermicelli with steak. The vermicelli was my favorite but we all walked away very happy, and exchanged remarks about the fresh cuts of beef. Pricing was very reasonable, and next time I plan to have their ice coffee, as well!

Santa Clara, ca
         Excellent food, quick & friendly service and a nice & clean area to sit. I was visiting from San Francisco and thought to give Pho Ellie a try since halal vietnamese is hard to come by. The food is excellent, the taste has the home made touch to it which is rare anywhere. The owner was very friendly and service was quick and courteous. I will recommend it to anyone who is in the area visiting like me or a local resident.

           Loved it. I had the rare steak and brisket Pho. It was great. Had vietnamese food for the first time and fell in love with their cuisine. Also had the VERY strong vietnamese iced coffee, really good.

United States
          I had been waiting for a halal vietnamese place for a long time, this place exceeded my expectations. The restaurant was very clean. We went at a busy time on saturday afternoon. There were only two people including the cook and what appears to be the owner lady. Even then service was very quick. We tried the egg rolls that were great. Pho, which was a noodle soup with steak, that was very good, my mom had the vermicelli with steak that was excellent. The food was so good that we loaded up our big klan the next day, and headed back. Unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday. Anyways, this place is excellent, and a nice change from our typical desi food. I am definitely going to be a regular here.
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
              I tried the beef cubes with rice dish and enjoyed it. The portion was a little smaller than I expected, and it was priced at $6.75. They also had a chicken version as well. However it looks like their other specialties include Pho (soup type dish) with other types of meats. Service was excellent. It was a change of pace from the typical desi, arab, chineese halal restaurant. I really enjoyed the very strong Vietnamese coffee. Next time I'll have to try the Pho.

Liz T.

Fullerton, CA


It's 100 degrees outside and I am craving Pho Ellie right now!  The broth! MMMM the broth!
The service is way friendly and very quick, even though it is cooked to order. The prices are reasonable and if you didn't catch the drift, the pho is deeeelicious. I've had the spring rolls too and they were fantastic!  
The prices are reasonable and the food is tasty. When in Fullerton, say PHO YES to Pho Ellie!


 Ai N.

Anaheim, CA



I find it interesting that this pho place is located out of nowhere. Now that there is a pho place closer to home I am very thankful. Thank God that I don't have to drive far to eat pho anymore. I was here with my two cousins having dinner. My cousins both order the pho (small size). I order the fried rice with half a chicken. Both of my cousins did not complain about the pho. They actually thought it was good. I had no complain on my part. The fried rice had a interested taste to it (not a bad one). I thought it was quite different than any other fried rice I have tasted at a Vietnamese restaurant. I also order a side of egg rolls which also quite delicious. Overall this place is A-OK.


 kalila p.

Garden Grove, CA



This is the first Vietnamese halal restaurant that I discovered off from Zabihah.com.  I traveled 20 miles total for this place and very thankful for them!

Their menu is quite limited compared to other Vietnamese restaurants but thats not an issue for me.

They have pho, bun (vermicelli dry noodles), rice plates, eggrolls, spring rolls..

Every dish here is about $5 average. VERY affordable! I think their most expensive plate is the Bo Luc Lac (Steak & Rice=approx $6?)

If you are new to Vietnamese food, I would highly suggest to start off with an order or two of the Spring rolls. Each order comes with 2 rolls. Personally, I need about 8 rolls to be completely satisfied with these! I can guarantee that 1 roll wont be enough for just 1 person so be prepared to just order at least an order for each person. The peanut dipping sauce is yummy!

Also, if you like coffee, be sure to try the Vietnamese Iced Coffee here.( Cafe Sua Da= Coffee with milk)

This place is also very clean, bright, and the staff is also very nice. Service is also very quick.

I only wish there were more Vietnamese halal restaurants around here! But then...Pho Ellie wouldnt be so special anymore! =)

Great food, great price, great service.

3 meals + 2 drinks + 2 appetizers= only $30. Totally great price!


  Robin E.

Mission Viejo, CA



I really liked Pho Ellie, It was delicious! I got the beef ball soup, and summer rolls. The sauce that came with the rolls was a little different than I am used to but still tasty.

I think this place is pretty new. I wish it had been open earlier so I could have gone here for lunch more often while on campus. I will come back to this place when I am in Fullerton and craving Pho...or just something to eat!


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